Friday, June 23, 2006

You Give Me Fever

I went to an Italian restaurant late this afternoon - a restaurant where the song 'Night Fever' played continuously.

I kid you not; it piped through the restaurant, looping eternally.

It was just me and the owner in the courtyard, with this song playing over and over, like a huge elephant that the two of us were politely ignoring. After the really annoying/traumatising phase had passed it became very funny; I sniggered into my pasta and had to fake a coughing fit to disguise things.

The really strange thing is that I remembered eating here with my Mom the year before last, and 'Night Fever' was playing back then. It took us a while to realise, because the place was crowded and noisy that night, and Bee Gees songs can have a certain samey quality to them at the best of times. Mom and I joked at how my sister might react in the situation: I figured she'd pull out an AK47a pulse rifle 10mm with over and under 30mm pump action grenade launcher, but who can say really.

I wonder has it been playing since 1978...

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