Monday, December 03, 2007

My last week

Beautiful day here. Still battling with a head cold; I'm treasuring being able to go for a wander and gaze out over the ocean (while snuffling) as a break from the organising-type work.

I dug out my winter coats, and the sarongs are now packed away.

Another rosy-lilac sunset.


kat said...

Hey Orlaith, found your blog while I was doing a bit of research on Madeira. Couldn't find an email address for you though. Sounds like you're super busy getting ready to leave the island but was wondering if you'd have a couple of minutes to answer a few Madeira-related questions for me? The internet isn't giving me what I need! I'm on if you get a chance - Would be eternally grateful, Katriona.

Orlaith said...

Hey there! I've sent you an email, but in case it goes astray in the ether, I'm at

Talk soon, Orlaith