Sunday, September 10, 2006

Less is Mor(ales)

So I made my peace with the short story, poisoned pope and all. Sometimes, an album fits really well with the atmosphere of a piece, and I end up listening to it whenever I'm writing. With this story, it was an album of early 16th-century sacred music by Cristobal de Morales and Jean Mouton.

There's only so many times you can listen to it in a week without losing your mind.

So today was a Morales-free zone. I revelled in a bunch of different stuff, then investigated what corresponding videos were available online: Counting Crows, Talib Kweli & Mary J., Faith No More, Sugar, Hootie, Hothouse Flowers, and this beautifully-filmed video from Blackstar, with the sweetest melody...

If you knew you were going to sit beside Elvis Costello and play his signature song, you'd learn the lyrics right??? I feel such relief as Elvis takes over the song! Oh Billie Joe...

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