Monday, September 18, 2006

Media frenzy

The K Club has taken over BBC World. Every time I turn on the tv there's a special on the club, the course, the double dogleg on the 4th hole (Arnold's favourite). They interview golfers, the club pro, Bertie, random hikers who are just lost in Kildare... what happened to the world news?

I shall go back to relying on The Onion as my new source.

May God help us all.


Anonymous said...

Golf frenzy is never pretty.. Mind you, the only thing I know about the Ryder Cup are the uniforms the US team were given which I do feel gives them an unfair advantage in that all that tweed and tartan may cause vision distortion for days in anyone who sees them..


Orlaith said...

Ha ha! Okay now I have got to go check out the uniforms. Sounds like they have an unfair advantage...