Friday, September 28, 2007

How to treat treatments

Today's work is going well so far: I've managed to make visible progress on a short-story, ghostwriting project and my screenplay treatment.

The treatment is taking a while. It's fair enough, I guess: you do need to map out the whole plot. My problem is that I keep slipping into dialogue. I got some screenwriting software, where you can toggle between the script and a series of index cards representing the individual scenes. No problem, I thought, I'll just complete all the index cards, squodge them together to form a treatment, et voilĂ !

After a couple of days I noticed that the index cards were filled with dialogue. I mean, stuffed to the gills...

Hmm. So I've started yet another file. The film's main action happens in a single week, so it's a simple calendar of daily events & scenes, to figure out the plot-development from start to finish. And yes, dialogue has been materialising there as well, but my theory is that when I trim all that off, I'll have my basis for the treatment. Baby steps :)

Have a lovely weekend.

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