Monday, September 03, 2007

Sarong Days

I love Madeira at this time of year. The hot days are filled with fresh pineapple and slabs of watermelon and deliciously refreshing afternoon swims; the ripened vines are being harvested (by the old method, with a barefoot Mr Squodger squodging them in a shallow barrel); in the balmy evenings the dark sea sparkles with the lights of boats out night-fishing; and the stargazing at night is phenomenal.

It's pretty ideal, as lifestyles go. I feel very lucky indeed.

Mushroom update: first crop has finished, new crop growing slowly further along the ceiling. No sign of builder.


Shona said...

What did they taste like? Did you fry them?

Orlaith said...


I'm gonna have to have a V&T just to clean out my mouth from the mere thought of that!