Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Puzzling crossword

My treaty start to the morning is to curl up with a mug of coffee and do the crosaire (1). This morning I finished it all, which pleased me greatly. But I don't get my final clue, which was 25 down:

25 down) What one expects to hear from the end of 9 across (6 letters)

The clues are: _ A _ O _ S

Now, 9 across (2) was 'awaits', linked to 11 down (3), which was 'alight'.

I totally guessed 'carols', which is apparently right, but I have no idea why. And that's niggling me...

(1) the Irish Times cryptic crossword
(2) 9 across. It's what it is hanging around to make it not 11 down matter, by the sound of it (6)
(3) 11 down. Get down, having been fired (6)


Anonymous said...

Hi hon. I think the answer to the clue is batons - to do with weight!!!!

Orlaith said...

Oh that fits much better than 'carols' - I shall sleep easy tonight! Thank you so very much :)