Monday, September 24, 2007

Salsa Tales

So there I was, queueing in the veg shop, idly considering that my big bunch of local scrumptious on-the-vine tomatoes cost the same amount as the tin of tomatoes I needed to pick up en route home, and thinking what a rare and wonderful thing that was.

The lady totted up my shopping (tomatoes plus beetroot, carrots, onions, melon) which was coming to all of three euros. When we got to my bale of coriander (I am a salsa glutton), she laid it gently on top of the rest, "Oferta," she said, "No charge".

I looked around, figuring rent lighting wages insurance wholesale cost of produce... It was like approved stealing. Crazy.

And I tootled on home and made the best raspberry salsa ever. Life is good.

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