Saturday, November 18, 2006

All kinds of reasons to celebrate

Mom is becoming Super Tech Girl, making webcam 'postcards' to email home to Dublin. I bought some of her favourite music from iTunes: she's currently swinging her teeny iPod shuffle to 'I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair'.

She did ask when the CDs would be delivered. Hmm.

In other news: it's a stunning day here, and the goldfish are well. One of them shed its elegant swishy tail during the week. It lay panting at the top of the bowl for a couple of days, but seems back in fighting form now, except a bit - you know - stumpier.

Obviously, I find it adorable...


Anonymous said...

Hi hon and Mom

so Shona had a fantastic morning. We called about 9:30 and sang her the Bear in the Big blue house version of Happy Birthday. Then called over. She had been crying. Alot. Brought over the cake, the O'Sullivan tradition, but added Maltesers to the base to thicken it up a little. That worked. Oh did it.

So she was on the phone to Michael, her brother in Hong Kong, knock on the door, she went in to the front room, Sean opened the door, Michael walked in. Talking to Sho on his mobile. There were more tears. And alot of love in the house.

Laura's card may be the greatest ever birthday card. I'll let Shona send you a picture.


Orlaith said...

That sounds so cool - trust Michael to outdo everyone else! Adding Maltesers to the O'Sullivan chocolate birthday cake (OSCBC) is pure genius - will you email the recipe (or send the cake over with Sean & Shona) or both!