Thursday, November 30, 2006

And now for something completely different

Just woke from an afternoon nap (plenty of wine for lunch) - Mom's still snoozing in front of Without a Trace.

Big news today is that the tree outside my window got a trim - it's a whole new world.

We're at the Codebreakers this evening. Mrs C said it would be "light fare, with plenty of booze and conversation".

Great, that'll be a shocking change.


Sean said...

Yeah. Maybe you can get them to drop the conversation?? !!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Well Sean it's like this: when you're in the company of two elderly, intelligent, widely-travelled people, you just sit back quietly and listen to their reminiscences.

You have it all ahead of you son so educate yourself accordingly!

Bom dia from Madeira, and love to Shona.