Monday, November 27, 2006

Hello from Sean and Shona

Well Hello Everyone!

Apologies, but the usual service is now being interrupted by Sean (Orlaith's brother) and Shona (Orlaith's friend and Sean's girlfriend of many a year). Orlaith asked us to blog - as we're on a trip to Hong Kong to celebrate Shona's Special Birthday (she turned 40 with some style and pizazz last weekend, Go Shona!) .

Anyway, Shona got a surprise present of a trip to Hong Kong to spend a week and a bit with Michael, Maria, Finn and Milo. Michael's her brother, married to Maria, with two delightful small people that they made.

We arrived here last Friday, and stayed in a luvly hotel Friday and Saturday night. If we uploaded this properly, then you should see the big round bath they gave us in our room!!

We went sailing on Sunday. Absolutely fan-tastic -thanks to Michael for organising and Peter for taking us out on his boat and being a top host.

Now we're staying with MMF&M, and are chilling out and enjoying HK. I think that's enough for an initial Hello!!

More anon. Thanks for listening.


Anonymous said...

Hi S&S!

It's great to see the high-flyers living well while I'm here living the low-life on bread and wine.

Hope you both fitted in the tub. I believe it's a great experience mating in the bath. I'm not jealous really, as I realise the young have to have fun while we oldies just exist.

Love to all, and keep up the hype, Mum

Orlaith said...

Sounds positively Oedipal...

Interesting that our little bundle of sweetness and light finally comments when Sean (all genuflect) writes a bleedin' entry!

She says she's a woman of simple needs but I'd say she'd be out to HK in a heartbeat. All those handbags!!

Give my love to MMM&F - I've got Finn's rendition of 'Octopus's Garden' stuck in my head now. And that is very adorable indeed :)

Thanks for our first blog road trip to HK, looking forward to more!

Love, Orls x

Sean said...

By the way - that first picture was of the salt and pepper shakers (little aeroplanes) that's part of dinner on Virgin.

As Orlaith probably would say: "How A DOOR ah bel"!! Yes indeed.

Joe said...

Gee we're going to HK next year, will your organise it Sean?

Anonymous said...


T Monster

Anonymous said...

sean can I have the salt and pepper shakers for my Xmas pressie. Seriously.


(oh and loads of bags too)

Orlaith said...

Mom emailed Sean within seconds of posting and booked the shakers to be stolen for her Christmas present.

Sorry Tara, you've got to be quicker than that.

Sean said...

A response on two items:

- the lifejackets were right beside us; the skipper (Peter) had covered their location as part of pre-trip safety. The photo was taken on the run-in to home close to harbour. Hence no lifejackets on. Shona's a BIG lifejacket fan.

- No salt and pepper shakers for anyone I'm afraid. The bank was blown on the way out on a once-in-a-lifetime Virgin Upper Class extravaganza. We're going home by donkey and mail-barge.