Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Shona, Happy Michael and Maria

Us again.

Shona's rarely happier than when she can have a good "root" around MUJI, her favourite "no brand IS our brand" store. In Hong Kong, they have a big one, and the news of the day is that Shona found new pens. You may be lucky enough to get one in the Chimney, but I wouldn't count on it.

In case anyone's feeling sorry for Michael and Maria and the childer, stuck out here in HK far away from the freezing rain at home, here's the view they wake up to every day.

Just out the window and to the left is the outdoor pool, where Sean has passed an hour or two this morning. Although its about 24 degrees here, its too cold for the locals to be swimming in the outdoor pool, so Sean is a happy camper!

Bye for now.


Orlaith said...

Shona, come bearing pens when you visit! Muji pens are the best ever - sudoku is solved easier, the crosaire makes more sense, life is just better.
I'm surprised Martha Stewart hasn't made the Muji biro one of her 'good things'...

Anonymous said...

I meant to say .. ireland.com is no longer a paying service ... so you can download the crosaire and mike no longer has to spend hours cutting them out of the paper .. poor mike :)

love tara

Betcha orls is lepping about the place now. I guess there goes the rest of the holiday.

Orlaith said...

YAH that is brilliant!!! The part of my little brain that thinks laterally will never be unstimulated.

Thanks to Mike for all the hours of cutting! SO much appreciated :)