Wednesday, November 08, 2006

All tidy

Yep, yesterday was doomed in terms of getting stuff done. Chatted to Mrs Codebreaker (who came in with The Guardian) and Landlady (who came bearing raspberry chocolate) for a while. Then Landlady decided I should have a washing line across the terrace, and went and got her husband, who was sent off to get the drill, go and buy hooks, a washing line etc.

Meanwhile Landlady couldn't help herself from straightening things up - you can see it's an overwhelming unconscious urge in her. She checked over the plants, removed dead leaves, tidied the kitchen surfaces, arranged the fridge magnets - it was a haven of activity! I could see relief wash over her when she saw the pantry - it truly looks like something Doris Day put together. I love pantries :)

I made some Lady Grey tea in the background, then through a clever rationalisation whereby I 'deserved' a treat, went out and bought wine and cake.

Anyhoo, I got it all done this morning - and his plane doesn't land for seven minutes! Landlady just phoned from the police station (about the cheque fraudy thing) to say they may need to come over and look at the machine.

Good thing I tidied!

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