Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Focus on travel

I've almost sorted out my plans for the summer. If all goes well, I'll be in West Cork (picking up the Fish Knife award), Dublin, London and Devon.

I also get to nip over to France, where I'll spend a week in, er, a monastery.
A zen buddhist monastery.
Where there's no alcohol at all.

I get jittery thinking about that.

Anyhoo, following will be four days of wine-guzzling somewhere around Bordeaux. Heaven :)
Off to book some more train tickets and have a sunshiney nap. Busy busy...


Shona said...

If you're anywhere near St. Emilion, you have to visit. Apart from the fabulous wines, it is the most beautiful town.

Orlaith said...

It looks gorgeous - only 35km from Bordeaux, so it should be squeezable-in. Four days doesn't seem long enough now.

Wonder how 'Orlaith in France' might work as a blog...