Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Supersize me

From this Thursday, it will be illegal in Ireland to sell cigarettes in packs of fewer than 20. The theory is that is will cut out the teenage market, who mostly buy packs of 10.

Isn't that like trying to get everyone to lose weight by only selling crisps in bumper 175g packets?

The sale of confectioneries that resemble tobacco products will also be banned. I would love to see some research on shapes of sweets eaten as a child affecting adult patterns: surely if there was a correlation, we'd all be eating huge marshmallow flogs and fizz bombs and enormous white mice.

Although now that I think of it, white mice would explain the 'sweet mice' pizza topping.

Off to ponder that one further...


paddy said...

Interesting - so interesting that I have a whole aticle on my blog based on this snippet of yours. Go see!

In fact, in Sweden the average pack of crisps IS about 150g - small ones are the exception. Perhaps this means the Swedes can control their chip-eating, although I cannot: I am programmed on those 46g bags to keep shovelling until the pack is empty.

I was in Oslo a few years back and in a bar there you could buy individual cigarettes, in little shot glasses. Now _that's_ a civilised country!

Orlaith said...

Just back from your blog - funny entry, and so true. Maybe they should stop selling individual bottles of alcopops; if you're gonna have a drink you need to buy a 12-pack, show some commitment for Heaven's sake. That'll dissuade teenage girls in their droves.

I'm just sure of it.