Thursday, May 03, 2007

How does Devon make it so creamy?

[Blog Road Trip time: we're off to Devon, to see what Jenny's up to]

I’m alternating work between Topsham and Bovey Tracey markets on Saturday mornings. I enjoy going to Bovey Tracey as I do this on my own, and only sell cheese.

The customers are the funniest.

I smile and nod when faced with the sweet old dear who says, “Ooh yes my dear, I comes all the way from Exmouth, there’s nothin’ like your pasties you know, ooh yes…”

Folks come in and buy the butter because it’s labelled Farmhouse Butter, and it’s “the best we’ve ever tasted”. It’s the same with the eggs. “Are they free-range?” No (apparently you can’t get free-range at the moment because all the hens have to be kept indoors due to the threat of bird flu) but they’re eggs from barn hens. It’s amazing how many people have a problem with this…
Then some smart-alec points out the small paragraph on the side of the box which states ‘Eggs from caged birds’.

The pies originate from varying locations around Devon or Cornwall. It just gets a bit tricky when folk start asking the really awkward questions like, “What’s in the pie?” One of our regular customers, a lovely lady (luckily) who had purchased a supposedly chicken and ham pie, informed us that when they cut it up for dinner it contained beef. Oh well… life is strange.

[Thanks hon - mystery pies? Let it be said that the cheese from your stall is the best ever. More Devon Tales from Jenny later this week.]


Anonymous said...

Hey!Didnt know you were over, I was working in Devon quite a bit early may.
Keep in touch,
Harry xx

Orlaith said...

Hi there - good to hear from you! No I was still in Madeira; it's just that the blog likes to go wandering when it can.

I will be over later in the year though - will be in touch when I've sorted out the wheres and whens.