Thursday, July 27, 2006


Yesterday was spent mostly being a Birthday Girl.

In many ways it was an archetypal Orlaith-Birthday. The morning was spent sipping coffee and chilling out. The afternoon saw a purchase of art (a gorgeous mermaid sculpture) and me enjoying a good Cosmopolitan. Was fed & watered by the neighbours in the evening, complete with lovely fizzy, much laughter and swapping of stories.

I went to Reids Palace Hotel for the Cosmopolitan. It was unchanged; the place is filled with C-list royalty (the kind that pad the pages of Hello - not that I read it you understand). The overheard conversation is typically "What was the Japanese ambassador´s wife´s name again?" There was probably an ambassador´s reception going on somewhere. Filled with people being spoiled with ferrero rocher.

In any case, the cocktail was fab, as was the view. A lovely day!


Anonymous said...

Sounds slightly more peaceful than my end my little treasure (19 next week) is just attempting to play a Read Hot Chilli Peppers track on his fathers Peavey T-60 which is really pretty 'Under the Bridge' or something so finding it difficult to concentrate but HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I am shouting it very loud!
X hugs and kisses
PS any sign of your popcorn maker?

Anonymous said...

Sorry now both kids arguing meant Red Hot Chilli Peppers!!

Davrille&Howard said...

Happy Birthday M'Deary. What an elegant Blogger you are, you are - but your vivid Odyssey cannot replace the real Orlaith.
Never mind, sounds as though you are enjoying yourself and inevitably making friends.
Hugs from us both, Howard 'n Davrille XX

Sean said...

Sounds niiiiiiiiiice.

Happy Birthday To Yooooooooooo!!! (again...)

Talk to you soon - looking forward to you being reunited with laptop. I suspect you're having internet withdrawal, a condition known to introduce beer frenzy :-)

Orlaith said...

Thanks to all for your birthday wishes - you sweethearts! Just off to collect my mermaid now (she was in being polished before coming home).

I like the beer frenzy excuse - I mean diagnosis :)


Denise said...

A happy belated Birthday to you! I truely meant to send wishes out ON the 26th but Art and I were up in the U.P. celebrating our 9th (WOW!) anniversary. We did some canoeing, backpacking, camping, hiking, etc and had a blast! Chyladog had a great time too and will be harboring her travel hangover for the next few days!

Anyway, best wishes from both Art and I. Oh, and we have a birthday drink for you - well, maybe more that one! :0)

Sean said...

Polishing mermaids? Is that a euphemism for something?? :-)

Orlaith said...

Hey Denise! I thought of you guys on the 26th - sounds like you celebrated your anniversary in style! Congratulations!

Orlaith said...

Séan don´t you dare besmirch the world of mermaids with you smutty gutter thoughts!