Monday, July 03, 2006

My money in safe hands... in Spain

So there's a problem with the money I supposedly transferred over last week. It hasn't arrived, and I have about 70 cents left.

Anyhoo, so I went into my (new) bank here to double check their Bank Identifier Code. The cashier looked a bit puzzled, asked the cashier beside him, who got up, went to a desk at the end of the room, pulled out a hardback notebook, and written on the back leaf of it was the code.

The BIC is a code in a standard format by which the bank is recognised throughout the world. This is the equivalent of scribbling the bank's address on a single post-it and keeping it under a chosen desk for staff to reference.

So with that settled, I phoned my old bank. They were quite defensive, and told me that the money was sent exactly where I asked, to The Bank of Andalucia.

Now, unless I had multiple personality disorder and was playing a really mean joke on me, I don't see why I would send money there. So we talked things through for a while, and they're going to see if they can't transfer my money to Madeira instead.

Luckily, 70 cents buys me a beer in the sunshine; must avoid the incident pit!

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daymurray said...

Orla, So happy to here from you. Glad your there - do you have a room? what are your living conditions? Is your mum going to join you. And what about work??? all these questions - I'm sure everyone is asking you the same questions - sorry but I care about you . You look cute as ever. I am doing well, have a great house in Spring Lake and am involved in lots of things and have lots of great friends. People still ask about Van - even tho he's been dead 2 years now, he was a character but lots of fun.
The BBC ( brunch bunch club) celebrates his birthday every July 28 ( on his b-day, and also the date of our big TEXAS COOKOUT !!!
I dated a guy last year for 6 months but he wasn't for me. How about you? Maybe you'll find an interesting friend.
I would love to send you some money, but I don't know if that would work from here and anything about the exchange. Let me know if you would need me to do that. hugs, Kathryn