Monday, July 17, 2006

I miss my laptop!

Still waiting to hear from the techies about my laptop, so I´m back in another internet cafe.

It was actually cloudy this morning when I woke, so I rushed into jeans and black clothes; I miss wearing black! Anyway, the clouds only survived an hour, so now I´m sweltering.

Test drove my new walking sandals on Saturday with an easy-peasy, in-no-way-dangerous levada walk. All went well. And so what if the sandals were bought in a children´s footwear dept? My feet try so hard to grow...

Had a mish mash of identity conversations over the last couple of days: the Slovakian thought I was Finnish, the Madeiran thought I was Portuguese (apparently cos my accent is SO good), and this afternoon a Russian thought I looked... Russian.

Maybe it´s something they put in the water.

Interestingly, if you don´t say`Irish´ (in portuguese) with perfect pronounciation people either think you´ve said ´Holland´ or some country near Venezuela which I haven´t figured out yet.

Anyhoo, I also managed to get my hair cut, which was less traumatic than expected. I had tried to learn the portuguese for ´just a trim please, I don´t care about your goddamn vision´. The hairdresser was like a capeless Phantom of the Opera: all dramatic poses and sweeping gestures (can you tell I´ve never seen Phantom?). I tell you, I was glad to have my nylon hairdressing cape to hide my sniggers under.


Shona said...

Why isn't there a picture of your new 'do' to accompany this entry?

Orlaith said...

Are you trying to annoy Tara??(Remember she´s getting me a digital camera for my birthday). Camera will be here in under 3 weeks, and you will be inundated with pictures! I may have to buy a little plastic hairdressing cape and do a recreation of the scene...