Thursday, August 17, 2006

Don't Cry For Me...

This evening was a 'sisters' evening, for Tara and myself to go out for a bevvie or three. We ended up in the swanky Miramar hotel, which has not one but two cocktail bars, as it turns out. It also has lounge music. And if anything is inclined to reduce us to fits of giggles, it's a portuguese lounge singer blasting out torch songs from 'Evita'.

Tara tried to take photos of Torch Lady's shoes for the blog, but the pianist thought that she was checking him out, and it kind of went wrong from there.

Well we weren't barred, and that's the main thing :)


Anonymous said...

well, you will have to just try harder next time! Sounds like you guys are having a ball- hope the rest of the holiday continues brilliantly, Sara

Orlaith said...

Thanks hon! Tara says 'hi!'.