Friday, August 04, 2006


After unpacking for what feels like the last ten years, I finally got to my snorkelling gear yesterday morning. Then I promptly abandoned unpacking.

The nearest bathing place is right on the edge of the protected sea reservation, so you can snorkel right over. I´m sure someone has gone to the trouble of giving each fish long latin names, but for me the local sea life includes: ´cool black fish with electric blue stripes´, ´citrus-inis´, ´big salmoney-types´, ´the teeny tiny glitter brigade´, ´grey sea-koi´, and ´Old Patches Mahony, the gold and purple fellah who hangs out by the old anchor line´.

It was great. The dolphins weren´t in, so that´ll be an adventure for another day.

I´m nearly finished unpacking. Then comes the task of allocating a place for everything and everything in itsnooozzzzzzzzzzzze


Margaret Turner said...

Margaret Turner here ... live on the web ... following your exploits with great interest ... watch out for the sharks ... both land and sea based !!

All the best


PS will this make you a 'dot com' millionaire ? if so my address is attached below !

Orlaith said...

Hi Margaret - fantastic to hear from you. I will be on the alert for all sharks!
The dot com millionaire status is not guaranteed, but we live in hope!

Maggie said...

Hey hon - I am so jealous - just to abandon everything and go snorkelling - how decadent is that?

Orlaith said...

Hey Maggie! I know - it was a fabulous feeling!!! Apparently there's another 'beach' (pebble-ey bit by the sea that can be reached by bipeds) really close to me, so I'll go hunting for that next. It'll mean entering smack in the middle of the reservation, which would be ideal! I presume you'll bring over a fishy book or two to identify everything...