Friday, August 11, 2006

Go West!

Having caught up on some sleep, we spent yesterday touring the left half of the island, from the highest sea cliff in Yurp through lush green interiors to the breathtaking north coast.

When the island was first discovered the forests were so dense that the portuguese spent seven years burning out spaces to build on. The only remaining original forest is now a national park on the north coast - it's filled with laurel trees, and has a fabulous enchanted forest atmosphere. It's the kind of place you'd expect to catch glimpses of dryads, or see Aslan strolling through one of the picnic areas. Well, I'd expect to anyway...

The weather changed as quickly as the geography: at one point it felt really overcast until we drove up through the clouds and came to a sun-flooded plateau above. That bit was like something out of Tarzan :)

It's fair to say the visitors are having a good time!

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Sean said...

Looks like all's going well so far then! Picture and posts are great - so keep 'em coming.

We're just about to head for Kilcrohane, so we're hoping for shiny new weather as we head South.

Will give y'all a bell from there next week (assuming signal :-)