Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yeah but no but yeah but no

So, I explain that I want to apply for a residency permit, and am told:
  • We don't do that anymore for EU citizens.
  • We do them for EU citizens, but the system is down.
  • You can come back in September, or go to your municipal office.
  • When I ask for the name of the municipal office, she hesitates before writing it out. It turns out I may not be able to go there: the local office used to accept applications, but now there's supposed to be a meeting between them and Head Office, and she's not sure. The meeting date hasn't been set.
When I ask about deadlines or the process in general, she's remarkably laid back, and tells me there's nothing to worry about (cue: nervous laughter).

Needless to say the afternoon involved beer in the sunshine.

And in other news: happy birthday to my big brother, who is having a fine time in West Cork today. Have a great evening Sean!

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