Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The next big thing

So tomorrow I go to apply for my residency permit. Rumours are that the department is a haven for all things bureaucratic - not an environment where I tend to shine! Set aside the fact that under EU law I have the right to live here, as Madeira seems to pick and choose which EU regulations it decides to enforce (don't get me started on child car seats...).

I'm getting the paperwork ready today: passport, banky things, a credible story as to how I intend to support myself... Apparently I need a medical certificate to say that I don't have 'psychic disturbances' or manifest 'stages of psychic agitation'. Good luck to the doctor who has to sign off on that :)

In other news, we broke 1k hits yesterday: this blog has had 1057 hits since the first week in July (when I put in a counter). Thanks to all who have given support & feedback - I really appreciate it. Now everybody get back to work!

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