Friday, August 25, 2006


I'm catching up on emails and a few people reminded me that I never explained about the German Porn Guy. So here we go:

He's in his seventies, and has been living here for decades. The first time I met him I was in the communal garden chatting with the landlord & landlady. He pulled up in his car and immediately shoved a newspaper in my face, opened to a page 3 girl. Odd.

We were introduced after that. He started ranting about some tenant who he felt was too noisy, and the landlady quickly ushered me away from him. Apparently he's always violently complaining; he shouts at people for using 'his' garden, and some tenants have moved out because they've found him so difficult. He also subscribes to every major porn mag going, and sits in his garage 'reading' them. And THEN he offers his second-hand porn to her husband. Right neighbourly!

I know it takes all kinds. He was out in the garden this morning poring carefully over flowers in the sunshine, and he seemed happy. Or at least, not furious.

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