Wednesday, January 10, 2007

FBI call

The Madeiran equivalent of the FBI have just left - wheels still turning from the money laundering scam. They checked through the emails, and then went to

Who knew? So they traced the IP address to Nigeria and then they spoke together for a while. They said 'Interpol' a lot.

We had to wait for Landlady to get the original envelope (posted from Norway, containing a Spanish cheque), and passed the time talking about bits of arty stuff around the place. They liked my laptop wallpaper, which is the view from where I sit and write on a nice day.

It's been lashing rain for a couple of hours and water four-inches-deep is running down the street. I can see the tree outside the terrace, but all else is snowy white - no sea or sky visible. So today's picture is my wallpaper instead. Please note this bears no resemblance to the reality of the day.

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