Friday, January 12, 2007

Movie Madness

As a Dubliner, going to the cinema in Madeira takes getting used to. There's just no-one there. I know that Dublin has the highest cinema-going population in Yurp, but it really is remarkable how empty cinemas are here (I was going to say 'desolate' but that might suggest I didn't enjoy the emptiness).

Went to see Night at the Museum. The opening credits do for Copperplate Gothic what Seven's credits did for crazy scratchy writing - they're just scrummy; all neat and chiselled with little shadows that they cast on the actual film. Excellent job. But I digress - for there were only two other people in the theatre. Which is a busy afternoon, by Madeiran standards.

This evening I saw Perfume, which is well-adapted and filled with much gorgeous french bedlinen and many dilated pupils as the cast inhales deeply. There were about six other people at that screening.

The largest audience I've seen had about thirty members. That was for The Lake House, whose plot was not so much woven as crocheted. Maybe people here just have one dodgy experience and then never go back to the cinema...

Anyhoo, with popcorn for lunch and popcorn for dinner, I think the time has come to switch to vodka and tonics.

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