Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mellow day

It occurred to me that one year ago, my weekends were filled with doing touch-up work to my house, sorting through home and garage, and tidying an 80-foot garden - preparing for sale.

I was pretty exhausted most of the time.

This is more fun :)


paddy said...

I bet you took this clip months ago and were just waiting for today to post it and annoy all of us who live in normal countries, with normal climates.

Stockholm today: 30 cm of snow and -5 degrees. Well the weather might suck but at least we have...uum...give me a second...

Don Amaro said...

Haha ... yes it is very dangerous to post these kind of videos .... while the rest of the continent is suffering of extreme weather.

What a beautiful day it was today .... sunny ;-)

Orlaith said...

Paddy you should write for the Swedish Tourist Board :)

If it helps at all: today is dark and rainy and freezing.

Okay so maybe that last bit was a fib.