Sunday, April 15, 2007

Anne-Flore's Morning

One of my friends is running the Paris Marathon today (along with 34,999 other people that I don't know).

I went to check on the race, and saw that it was won ages ago. They start the marathon at 8.45am - sheesh! I toodled around a map of the course while curled up with coffee and muffins.

My friend is running for Médecins Sans Frontières. Yep, not only is she super-fit, makes the best chocolate cake ever (recipe from French grandmother), but she would spend four hours running for a Nobel-prize-winning charity. Quite a lady.

Well done Anne-Flore! Just amazing.

Time to put on another pot of coffee, and get back to my cryptic crossword. Busy busy...


Sean said...

Fair play to her - a full marathon is a major achievement.

Shameless ad:

I'm doing a smaller run (half marathon) for charidee on the May Bank Holiday weekend.

The charidee is CoAction West Cork (see who help people with intellectual disabilities in the West Cork region of Ireland.

Te run is a half marathon from Glengarriff to Bantry (see, which is where, incidentally, we'll be later on this year to see Orlaith collect her Fish Knife Award :-)

If anyone wants to either sponsor, or join in, let us know!

Orlaith said...

That's great news - I'll be sponsoring! It's like delegating both fitness and social responsibility! Good for you.

Just heard from Anne-Flore - she's been eating solidly since Sunday. She hasn't had any alcohol yet because of dehydration. Indeed, she hasn't drunk since Christmas with all the training.

Boy is she gonna be a cheap date.

Anne-Flore said...

Very funny! All I need to do now is line up a date :-)