Thursday, April 05, 2007

When clichés take form

The guys I worked with in Michigan owned a place in Herefordshire called Hampton Court, and we held annual academic conferences there. So ensued much high jinks and hilarity, especially when the American flag was hoisted over the castle: the guys from the local RAF base would buzz the castle in their Harrier jets. Try listening to a paper on the Dead Sea Scrolls while the chandeliers are tinkling overhead...

Anyhoo, in scanning photos I came across one of the non-crystal chandeliers from the place. The castle is fifteenth-century, but pictured above is a spanky new chandelier, made with freshly-culled deer.

You know the cliché of the eccentric English gent? Well the owners bumped into him, larger than life: some bat-crazy oddball who looked at a deer and thought: light fixture!

His chandeliers also came sans animal heads, for the zen minimalist downsizers among us.


Anonymous said...

all I can say is ohmygod. it was worse than i thought.

much love from lois

ps it is currently snowing here as if it were christmas. bleeeehhh

pss rode by sand lake the other day. it was 70 on we were on "the bike" and i thought of you.

Orlaith said...

Ha ha! It was pretty bizarre!

One year the RAF were suspiciously quiet - I found the Stars & Stripes shoved in a laundry basket upstairs.

Sand Lake - so you were tearing up the old neighbourhood. I can't believe it's snowing again - that can't be suiting your West Coast metabolism. I'll post some sunshiney photos over the weekend.

Have a lovely long weekend!