Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A sedate haircut

An epic morning.

So, Landlady was raving about her hairdresser, and I mused "I must give her a go next time". I presumed she'd just give me the name & salon, but no. She booked an appointment, and she was taking me personally. Her husband was driving us - heaven forfend we should take a bus. And because her husband was actually busy, we met at 8am outside the apartment, two hours before the appointment (yep, that bit I only discovered en route).

Landlady wasn't her normal hyper self; it turned out she'd taken a 'calming pill' last night. It was like when pets come back from the vet - all dopey and floppy. It wore off quickly, but it was a treat first thing.

She needed to take the pill because of building-work-related stress. The lady in the apartment adjacent was taking a bath and noticed a drill hole in the wall (very Porkys). She got in a strop, but it transpired that when her bathroom was redone last year, the workmen pulled down a wall and didn't bother putting it up again; they just shoved a new bath against the wall of the other apartment!

All is quiet today as they discuss the next steps.


SaraC said...

Ah yes, but how was the haircut? Any radical changes? Will we recognise you?

Orlaith said...

Nothing radical - it's still much the same. Landlady thought I should get my hair cut just like hers, so there was much repetition of 'just a trim' on my part.

I'll take a picture for you :)