Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday 13th

Gagging for a glass of wine so will keep this short:

I went to see 300 today. It's difficult to make a classical film without constantly evoking Gladiator or (shudder) Troy or (shudder shudder) Alexander, particularly if you include 1) wheat fields and 2) yer woman from Gladiator. I think they succeeded through omitting 1) the Peter O'Toole/Richard Harris character and 2) Sean Bean.

Anyhoo, I loved it: fabulous cinematography, spectacular story, the best fiery sparks ever, and the end credits are a blood-splattered treat.

And now for wine. I go through phases with (red) wine. At the moment it's one called Periquita, which is scrummy and oaky and whose only disadvantage is that a little Elton John voice in my head sings "Periquita is it cold, in your little corner of the world..."

I see that I haven't managed to keep this short after all. But then I did pour a glass of wine as I was checking the spelling of periquita, so it all evens out.

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