Friday, July 27, 2007

It's Someone's Birthday

[This is a guest blog: Orlaith, our hero, is about to "go silent" for a while, as she retreats to Plum Village in France for a week. Meanwhile, Sean and Shona play caretaker. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) - as our North American Friends say. ]

So it's Orlaith's Birthday today. Yippee!!

Aside from trying to ensure we got all the apostrophes in the title and the text correct, we'd like to wish our blog host a very Happy Birthday, in the style to which she has accustomed others (is "accustomed others" even English?? - never mind):

We went out to dinner tonight to celebrate the birthday - thanks Pauline. Orlaith was overwhelmed by her birthday presents, in particular a 'teeny tiny' bikini and a muji refillable bottle - how extravagant!

Orlaith has been in the bosom of her family for the last week(s) and is probably ready to live the lifestyle of a monk for a week or so. We're ready for her when she returns.

Have a fab time in Plum Village/ Bordeaux/ London / Madeira ! See you soon!

And finally, what is the French for : "That's right Rita, they're hicks!!!!" ?

1 comment:

Orlaith said...

Thank you for the twinkly birthday wishes!!

Just had coffee and chocolate birthday cake. As breakfast fare, it almost beats popcorn. And now to pack - gotta go fill my muji bottle!!!

We shall never speak of the bikini again.

See you all soon x