Thursday, July 12, 2007

Myriad Residents, and a missing boat...

What a busy week!! Spent the last few days tripping round the Beara peninsula, took a day trip out to Garnish Island (and saw baby seals along the way - too cute!).

There are an eclectic mix of people in the vicinity: I'm currently ensconced in a pub with amazing views out on Kitchen Cove, and [...originally this section mentioned an eclectic batch of well-known people in the vicinity, but I noticed that oodles of people were searching to track down where they lived. Growing up in Dublin, part of the city's ideology is that everyone gets their private, normal, non-worky life: no matter how famous, everyone should be able to sit and enjoy a pint in peace. So I'm scratching the names mentioned, so as not to be encouraging any stalky-type behaviour :) ]

PS - if anyone's seen a boat off the edge of the Sheeps Head peninsula, can you let me know. My brother's looking out for it...


Anonymous said...

Finally the silent observer comments! Only because I don't have your email address or mobile.
You've got to be in the Tin Shed an I'm astonished that you're writing your blog there..God Bless Sean and modern technology!
BEST luck tomorrow really wish I could be there, will be with you in spirit, and remember to tap!!!
Big Beam of white light will be sent at the time!! xxxx

Orlaith said...

Thanks sweetie!! It was fabulous to catch up - hopefully it won't be so long until the next time. I'll get your email off Sean and will be in touch next week.

And thanks for the light beam - that is going to look impressive!