Monday, July 09, 2007

Tales from Ireland

Okay, quick news round up:

I'm on the Sheep's Head Peninsula on the edge of West Cork, and my oh my, is it beautiful. Finally got around to downloading photos, so here's a selection from the plane onwards.

I've been touring the area - sampling the delights of Kilcrohane, Bantry and Kenmare. I got to visit an amazing standing stone circle in Ahakista, which was like Stonehenge, except without the motorway.

So the odd thing is that my whole family is here - blood-related and extended. This had never happened before. Ever.

I'm pretty much the quiet one in the family. Which means it's rather um... vibrant.

PS: By popular request, I shall now mention something about cows.
They are all around us.

PPS: Writing this with a zillion people reading over my shoulder, which is a new experience. Also, I'm managing to keep up jogging. There's sooooo much flat space around, and I pad-pad along lanes flooded with the scent of honeysuckle. Heavenly :)

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