Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Past homes

I forgot to mention yesterday: I visited Whitefriar Street Church (the place where St Valentine has come to rest; it isn't on Whitefriar Street anymore). In the foyer was a poster for an afternoon concert - by a choir from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I used to live in Grand Haven. It was as close to Grand Rapids as it sounds.

Anyhoo, I'm staying out in Malahide at the moment, where I grew up. I spent the day doing the usual - wondering at all the changes and new developments in what used to be a sleepy village.

Malahide Castle is still standing, but much of it (not the bit pictured) looks like a building site. There's a pile of leftovers from the summer concert series (Pink etc.), and a fleet of people are breaking the staging and starting to re-lay the lawns. My mom lives within hearing distance, and gardened one afternoon with Arctic Monkeys rehearsing in the background. Sweet.

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