Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cable antics and holiday snaps

The German Porn Man plot thickens...

So it turns out the 4 cable guys never moved or touched a cable last week (hrumph - they earned their wages that day). When Landlady contacted them, they said "Wasn't there a German going around cutting cables that day?"

Which led to more gossip on GPM: he didn't like the position of some streetlight opposite the building, and kept cutting the cable; twelve years ago he had a big fight with a resident here, went up on the roof and poisoned his water supply; and this very week he's been messing around on the roof again...

So Internet Man came over last night, and checked the connections outside. He was suspicious of tampering. They're sending out someone with a special machine. Dun dun dunnnnn...

Photos from our trip to Porto Moniz:
  1. Life-size nativity scene, which brought to mind that great scene with Kevin Bacon in Diner.
  2. Massive piggy with melon - no idea.
  3. Buffy-style stake made from laurel wood; they cook scrummy kebabs called espedata on them. The scent of laurel infuses the meat - fabulous.
  4. Chocolate martini. Through an elaborate charade routine, I convinced a waitress who spoke no English to make one for me.
  5. View from the room.
  6. Mom shkittering.
  7. A moment when we had hijacked a bear from one of the Christmas displays.
  8. Mom being a sweetie.
  9. Fabulous vodka & lemon cocktail - I lived on these. Yum!

It was a really beautiful setting :)

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