Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend round up

I went to Canico on Saturday to post off the family's Christmas presents, only to learn that post offices are closed on Saturdays. Had a lovely aftenoon: took the presents around for a beer, a stroll and a spot of lunch. Will try again today :)

Had a funny Saturday evening: me and a florist running up and down the street on our mobiles, trying to say enough words in the other's language to communicate our position. I really should make more of an effort to learn Portuguese.

Thanks for the gorgeous flowers Sean and Shona!

Did some tidying up of the blog - added in photos from last week, and posted the last blog from Hong Kong, which I found loitering in the draft folder. That's one area of my life that is neat!


Sean said...

Well it's not every day you become an official author!

Plus - they don't have an InterMartini service as yet.

Orlaith said...

InterMartini - we need to slap a trademark on that right now!

Sheer genius :)