Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mom's blog

I'm just about to leave Madeira, having visited my charming daughter for a few weeks, and thought I should do a little blog for my other offspring. We've had marvellous weather, great meals, hilarious fun and some experiences that we can't share with you!

The greatest asset I think for this island is the people - they add more to the charm of the place than anything else. Their friendliness and help when one is trying to stumble through a Portuguese sentence is remarkable.

Now of course, visiting a daughter can be a risky business, especially when one has just acquired the title of author. I have to keep on my toes now going around with a celebrity!! Course that's easy to do, when one is sipping martinis, wine, and anything else you care to mention - you eventually end up in a hazy glow.

Anyway, I've sort of managed to live with the success while keeping my head down and my ear to the ground. One shudders to think what life will be like for Orlaith when she hits the big time. We'll have an egg-head on our hands, but I've dealt with that before!!!

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