Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jerry Bruckheimer improves lives

So, the nicest lady in the world works in the bread shop down the road. We were 'talking' last week (as much as you can with a vocab of 50 words) and it turns out she's from Brazil; she said Brazil was beautiful.

Now, I only understood this because of CSI Miami. It has a loopy coroner, who oohs and aahs over the slaughtered, calling them sweetie and darling all the time. She says 'Hey beautiful' a lot (I'm not sure I'd be entirely happy leaving her unsupervised with a corpse; just a smidge too affectionate) and beautiful is always subtitled as lindo which is the word the nice Brazilian lady used about Brazil.

And yesterday, when Sean and Shona arrived (yay!) we went to hang out in the bread shop (cum cafe). Mrs Brazil took one look at Sean and asked "irmao?". Which brings me straight back to CSI Miami: the guy from NYPD Blue marries a terminally ill model (or something) whose brother works in the lab. They spent weeks saying brother - "my brother... your brother... see the brother clean up the crime scene..." yep, I recognised that word right off the bat.

Which brings me properly to Sean and Shona - they're here! Spent yesterday catching up - you should hear what they didn't tell you about Hong Kong. And I got yet more Christmas presents, including the coolest stove-top espresso maker. It watched its first Madeiran dawn this morning :)

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