Monday, August 13, 2007

My kinda town

Another whirlwind weekend!

Our day of Laydeedom was scrummy, and featured shopping in fancy shops (which one of us adores) and long coffee stops (which the other one adores). My sister seemed to know more about new product ranges than the designer consultants in Harvey Nicks or the Prada ladies in Harrods - some of the stuff she was looking for hadn't been released in London yet. It was the designer equivalent of "Computah says no..."

We ended up going to a musical: Chicago, which was great fun (although it meant spending ages trying to remember songs by Blue, since one of the guys is in it at the moment). I was probably the only person for whom the ending was a surprise - I had turned off the DVD 20 minutes before the end, not caring if they all hanged. The stage production was soooo much better.

I went out for a jog this morning - my first one in weeks. The body remembers the basics, despite having a supersized tummy to drag around.

And now to put on some coffee, curl up on an enormous sofa and read Sandman comics over breakfast.


paddy said...

AH, the first post-indulgence jog - I know it well. To regain my pre-July shape I have put myself on a diet of food and water, with some beer. I hope to see results any day now.

Orlaith said...


Rationalisations are the killer: wine comes from grapes, so surely it should count towards your '5 a day'. In which case, beer is like a well-rounded nutritional meal...