Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back on the air!

Hey all!!

What an experience! Okay, so Plum Village needs its own special space to be discussed, rather than this hurried scribbling (I've arrived at a friend's house in London). When I'm back in Madeira I'll download photos and sort out a description of the week's zen buddhist retreat, but the short version is:

It was phenomenal. Moving, funny, thought-provoking and surprising. Loved it.

And then I had four days in Bordeaux with my friend (and friend-of-the-blog) Sara. Again, photos to come later; the short version is:

We had a ball. Plenty o'red wine, mojitos, strong coffee, and a year's allowance of goat's cheese and baguettes. Toured vineyards, tasting and buying as we went, and luxuriated in the gorgeous town.

Off to Devon first thing tomorrow, so service may be interrupted again. Back in London on Friday, and -[sound effect: ding-dong] - oops, the Indian take-out has just arrived - my Prawn Pathia awaits. Gotta go!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, you have been missed.


Orlaith said...

Awww thank you!

I missed it too - it's good to be back :)