Monday, August 27, 2007


Hi all! I'm mentally getting closer to Madeira...

Well it's been a week of stunning weather. Today's cloudy and non-boiling - I might actually get out for a jog (have substituted swimming on the hot days).

I am immersed in Cured with Death, but only recently - I spent most of last week writing two short stories, which was great fun, but unplanned...

Website update: there's footage of me reading at the Irish Writers' Centre up now.

Snaps of Bordeaux (from top left):
> the Saint-Michel bell-tower, locally called "The Arrow". 114 metres high
> cloister we passed somewhere along the way
> the wine we didn't buy. That's right, 1350 euros
> purdy stained-glass colours in the Saint-Michel church
> sea horsies
> the sea horsies' cool flipper-hooves
> little bit of the Monument aux Girondins
> purdy latch (in a vineyard where the wine was gakky)
> new oak barrels. Man, they smelled good!

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