Friday, August 17, 2007

A lifetime of moments

"You get what anyone gets - you get a lifetime."

So this all started with a birthday present - an iPod. The (Neil Gaiman) quote was what Sean & Shona had engraved on it. I was blown away by the quote (as Shona said - they could have just written it on a post-it for my birthday and I'd have been as happy). Anyhoo, it was mentioned often during the week, and played on my mind.

Then off I went to Plum Village, the monastic community led by Thich Nhat Hanh. His big teaching is about living 'mindfully' in the present moment; being aware of what you're doing, or at the very least noticing that you're alive and breathing. I bought a piece of calligraphy by him, which is simple in that profound way of Zen folk (and vice versa).

"This is it."

The present moment is what you get. This moment is all you have, and this is the only place where you can touch joy. So enjoy.

I love the telescoping symmetry of that week.

** Photos especially for Maggie, who asked :)


paddy said...

From "Death - the high cost of living" - right? Right?

I always get so excited when my nerd knowledge can come in useful.

It's a lovely pod.

Orlaith said...

Ah yes, this is my beloved iPod, in whom I am well pleased...

Excellent to have a source! I didn't know which Sandman it was from - I had guessed at Brief Lives... I'll keep a look-out the next time I'm rereading!

paddy said...

Hmmm...actually now you mention it, I'm not sure which one it was. It may have been from "The Sound of Her Wings" from Preludes and Nocturnes. I don't have a copy so I can't check for sure.

misterEtickets said...

brilliant, reminds me of the work of paul williams 'das energi'.