Friday, October 20, 2006

Bring your own...

As soon as I got stuck into writing last night the codebreakers called - in case I wanted to see the QE2 as it disappeared into the mist on its voyage from Funchal to Port Elizabeth.

Well, one thing leads on to another: you can't cross their threshhold without glasses of port magically appearing. They brought out a photo album of their trip to Romania a couple of years ago (including piccie of the birthplace of Vlad 'Dracula' the Impaler). One of them had broken the code book of the Romanian secret police way back when, so it meant a lot for them to be able to visit the country.

From there the conversation turned to the Romanian guy in town who goes around with a squeezebox playing gypsy tunes for tourists (the codebreakers get on fab with him, to the annoyance of many). Apparently, when he gets enough money he buys a steak from the butcher, then goes into a restaurant with the raw meat and gets them to cook it for him.

Only in Madeira :)

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