Monday, October 23, 2006

Stormy weather

Howling winds, lashing rain... the clouds were actually below the level of my apartment when I woke.

However, I only got to see them for a minute, because now the world looks like this:

You're quite right, it does have all the indications of an afternoon to be spent curled up watching Columbo, but I shall postpone that pleasure and get writing instead! Now where is that sparkle-shiny halo of mine...


Anonymous said...

Brilliant photos- love the arcs you got on the palm tree one!

Well, staying in and keeping
a. dry
b. not blown away
sounds a pretty good idea to me

Good luck with the work


Orlaith said...

Thanks hon - man it just wouldn't let up. I was awake through the night with another tempest - it sounded like water was streaming into my room, but it was a trick of the acoustics. Extra caffeine this morning I think. There's a Gene Kelly/Judy Garland film on, so I'm vegging while struggling to upload photos to Blogger. xxx