Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Myths of biblical proportions

I had a screensaver of Stonehenge on my laptop for a while. One day Landlady came in and pointed at it, "We have one of those here".
Really? Stonehenge was finished around 1500 BC. Madeira was discovered about ten minutes ago...

I have yet to find the stones she's talking about, but today being Halloween, I was thinking that one year I'd like to be in Loughcrew in County Meath on this day. There's a series of hills called the Mountain of the Witch with a load of underground cairns that catch the sun around the autumn equinox. One of the main cairns is circled above ground by kerbstones, the coolest one being the Hag's Seat, which is a massive ceremonial stone measuring 10ft by 6 ft (pictured). The building work is all megalithic (between 4200 BC and 3500 BC).

In reading about Loughcrew, I noticed these guys, who are convinced that:
  1. Jeremiah is buried in one of the cairns. Seriously, the biblical Jeremiah. In Meath.
  2. The final resting place of the Ark of the Covenant is the hill of Tara. Who knew?

I used to work for a fundamental christian in the States, and one of his pet projects was finding the Ark. Many believe that it's buried on the top of Mount Sinai, so he hired a super-duper military helicopter to take him up there. The local authorities saw what they thought was the US military approaching. It did not go well.

Anyhoo, have a lovely Halloween!

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