Monday, October 09, 2006


Another weekend, another battle with broadband. I thought I'd give it one more chance before phoning the company, as I've not yet mastered the complaints process/customer service ethos here.

One thing I bought was clearly priced, but it came up a few euros higher at the register. So I explained to the cashier, who called someone, who called someone else, with whom I walked to the other end of the store to show them the display filled with the lower price. They checked their database for a few minutes, then walked over and started taking the little plastic price holders down. I asked about my purchase, and they said the register price was right, and thanked me for pointing it out.

In one's own language, phrases like 'you have to charge me the ticketed amount; it's my consumer right under EU law' just trip off the tongue.

What's more, I took money out of a cashpoint yesterday and among the bills was half a bill, the serial number ripped through, not legal tender. So that's a discussion for this afternoon with someone in the banking world...

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