Thursday, October 05, 2006

Psst wanna buy a P? With P you can have...

So I'm getting this exotic fruit thing now. There are pomegranates everywhere at the moment. I've always loved their super-rich symbolism in myth, but now I'm going to try the reality.

Apparently you tell if they're ripe by tapping them: if they make a metallic sound they're good to go. Mine are making normal fruit sounds at the moment, so I will wait patiently.

Haven't decided what to do with them yet. Martha Stewart puts them on everything - salad, game hens, pot pourri - all the while directing you to buy her book/watch her Apprentice/purchase fine chocolates via her website. However, it looks like pomegranates would be pretty treaty on a pavlova, so I'm tempted to try that out...


Anonymous said...

I love pomegranates although still somewhat puzzled by the question of whether one actually ingests the seeds or not, having got the juice.

Did you know that apparently there are 840 seeds in every pomegranate. It is on learning things like that that I realise my job is not so dull ... imagine the conversation at the end of the day
"So Honey, how was your day"
"Well, I counted some more pomegranate seeds"
"Yes, I got pretty excited when I found one with 839 seeds but then I realised one had rolled off the table"
"Well, never mind, maybe there will be a different one tomorrow" ...."

Maybe I am just going to stick with Persephone and her six seeds.

By the way, you may have missed this but in the UK pomegranate juice was one of THE juices to have in your fridge over the summer- apparently majorly healthy .. but that may be enough on the pomegranate



Orlaith said...

You are priceless! I knew I'd be trendy sooner or later. So, I've been tapping it every day, but it still sounds like fruit. I think it's a pomegranate...