Monday, October 30, 2006

Runny honey

It's a bank holiday in Ireland, and I've adopted an easygoing schedule for the day (that's right: any excuse).

The Dublin marathon is on - more than 10,000 are taking part this year. It makes you think: many people have already run 26 miles today. They started in Kildare Street, headed out to the Phoenix Park, then swung back into the city and south, turning again to finish up in Merrion Square.

Me, I've gone out and bought some honey. Yep, that's my big achievement so far today. And it's almost beer-in-the-sunshine time :)


Sean said...

It was safer to stay in Orlaith. One man died during the Dublin Marathon. It's surprisingly common in fact - not during the Dublin one, being held in temperate October and all, but for example, during the Great Northern Run apparently 2 people die every year, more when the weather is hot.

So - the lesson is: stay in with the honey, safe from the runny :-)

Orlaith said...

Ha ha - that may need to become a family motto!!

People dying during a marathon is just insane though. I think the race websites should fine tune their figures to list the 'number of participants who survived'. That would give everyone pause for thought...